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Independence Day Celebration 65 years

Yesterday the celebration began, and glad to have my family to celebrate it with Falafel the national food.

Tomorrow we are doing BBQ, and it is going to be fantastic.

It's been awhile since i updated my journal, hopefully i will do more soon.

Beside i have bunnies with Hobbit & LoTR... evil grin...

Considering that i finally finished "The Healer's Choice" (it is about time... lol), i'm working on new stories and yet on finishing my older fics.

Yep, I'm working on "Prisoner of Gondor" and more...

*Hugs & Kisses*

Have a great day/night and keep smiling,

P.S. i just saw articles about bombing at Boston, i hope that everyone is ok.

Fanfiction: Dec Status

First of all, i'm amazed of how many read and still reading my stories even though i only return to post at 29/12/2012....

Ok, here it is, and 5 top countries:

December Stats: For the month of 2012-12, there have been a total of 14,554 Views and 5,096 Visitors to all of your stories.

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany

100 Tripple Drouble

Here's the table.

001.Pen. 002.Pencil. 003.Paper. 004.Book. 005.Calendar.
006.Faith. 007.Hope. 008.Charity. 009.Justice. 010.Prudence.
011.Pride. 012.Lust. 013.Avarice. 014.Envy. 015.Wrath.
016.Sight. 017.Sound. 018.Smell. 019.Taste. 020.Feel.
021.Past. 022.Present. 023.Future. 024.Before. 025.After.
026.Blue. 027.Black. 028.Brown. 029.White. 030.Red.
031.Together. 032.Apart. 033.Single. 034.Double. 035.Triple.
036.Friends. 037.Lovers. 038.Partners. 039.Team. 040.Enemy.
041.Food. 042.Drink. 043.Music. 044.Film. 045.Theatre.
046.Office. 047.Computer. 048.News. 049.Court. 050.Hospital.
051.Open. 052.Closed. 053.In. 054.Out. 055.Between.
056.Answers. 057.Questions. 058.Truth. 059.Peace. 060.Reflection.
061.Day. 062.Night. 063.Stars. 064.Sky. 065.Moon.
066.One Day. 067.One Shot. 068.One Person. 069.One Meaning. 070.One True Love.
071.Do You Love Me? 072.Please Don't Go. 073.Take A Chance. 074.Better Left Unsaid. 075.Better The Devil You Know.
076.Theory. 077.Practice. 078.Knowledge. 079.Training. 080.Occupation.
081.Wood. 082.Tree. 083.Flower. 084.Bird. 085.Animal.
086.Life. 087.Universe. 088.Everything. 089.Calm. 090.Chaos.
091.Watch Your Back. 092.Walk Away. 093.Where Are You? 094.Which Way? 095.Why Not?
096.Writer's Choice. 097. Writer's Choice. 098. Writer's Choice. 099. Writer's Choice. 100. Writer's Choice.


H/C Bingo card

I might do another AU, as you'll notice something, hopefully (grin) in the card at LOTR, and second fandom will be Mag7 or the Losers... grin...

Here it is:

post-traumatic stress disorder
sexual extortion: to pay for something
de-age (physical)
isolation / accidentally locked in
ostracised from society
brain damage
love spell / potion gone wrong
forced soulbonding
spinal injury
hunger / starvation
werewolves: fresh bite / first transformation
septicemia / infected wounds
bullet wounds
telepathy (sudden onset)
detached retina

100 situation table

LoTR here i come, and if i complete it all, i might do it in Mag7 as well.

It's been awhile, and i need to hurt Legolas more... grin...

Great prompts...

001.Hide 002.Amnesia 003.Funeral 004.The End 005.Lament
006.Crucify 007.Deaf 008.Cliff 009.Float 010.Engage
011.Want 012.Blizzard 013.Stoic 014.Steal 015.Adore
016.A Close Shave 017.Threat 018.Answer 019.Whore 020.Slave
021.Lick 022.Fanatic 023.Misty 024.Ocean 025.Sting
026.Trample 027.Drop 028.Complain 029.Inject 030.Tour
031.Cough 032.Weapon 033.Horny 034.Film 035.Change
036.Creep 037.Complete 038.Challenge 039.Blow 040.Pass
041.Reminisce 042.Rain 043.Dive 044.Jobless 045.Bored
046.Smuggle 047.Starve 048.Lucky 049.Stoned 050.Spike
051.Illusive 052.Lake 053.Adventure 054.Prevention 055.Ill Mannered
056.Argument 057.Morose 058.Arrogant 059.Store 060.Game
061.Extreme 062.Natural 063.Break 064.Parch 065.Mobile
066.Sick 067.Slice 068.Rape 069.Piss 070.Fag
071.Needle 072.Frozen 073.Bed 074.Travel 075.News
076.Music 077.Experiment 078.Entrapment 079.Lunatic 080.Trapped
081.Quake 082.Dirt 083.Doctor 084.Blood 085.Caress
086.Puncture 087.Ride 088.Treatment 089.Hallucinate 090.Companion
091.Brick 092.Apparition 093.Memory 094.Slick 095.Smell
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

Very excited and cannot wait

Pimping this great community and may will see more new stories/graphics come to life and angst... evil grin

Come and join m7land</lj>,
an interactive challenge community
for fans of The Magnificent Seven TV Series.

For the Lurkers

Saw it at some... grin...

Today has been declared lurker amnesty day! Have you read me but never commented? Do you surf by occasionally? Say hello! You are under no obligation to ever comment or delurk again, but here's a chance to do so in a post just for that.

Bored Wrong Path Blame Tragedy Alone
Haunting Past Frustrated Catalyst Scars Crazy

I bet you will never guess who will be my victim... evil grin...

Ebay - Jewlery for sale

Just to let you know, that i am trying to sale my jewelery through this great site, i know cause i'm buying from this site a great and cheaper beads, so if you are interesting, please check it out, and if you want other colors, let me know. I can make it in no time, 10 min at least, i have a thin hand, so if you want it a little larger or as a necklace, let me know.

Swarovski bracelet

My attempt to sale at the internet. I had one in Etsy... but it seemed dead, might only to me... but Ebay... would you try?

(P.s. thanks to those, you know who you are... grin, for befriending with my other lj, as i will try to post there, one fic/chapter at a day)

*Hugs all*

Have a great day/night and keep smiling,

Sivan Shemesh>


Past Times, Other Worlds - 50 alternates


LOTR General...

I am doing Other Worlds table, click to see my table

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